Composite Wood Outdoor Tongue Groove Wall Panelling

Outdoor Wall panel, a type of paneling that is placed on the lower half of the walls, has been used for a long time. As the best wall panel, wainscoting outdoor wall panel remains a popular wall covering today. Decorative wainscoting can be installed at different heights depending on the desired look. More traditional wainscoting extends up a bit higher. Wood plastic composite tongue groove wall panelling is perfect for all wall wainscoting applications.

Advantages Of WPC Outdoor Wall Panel

  1. 1.Various colors and patterns are provided, which can make all the requirements of different customers;
  2. 2. The water absorption of this material is only 0.2%, water resistance, not easy mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-moth, chemical stability, high hardness;
  3. 3.WPC Tongue groove wall panelling use a similar appearance of wood than plastic high hardness, long life, can be transformed, high strength, energy conservation;
  4. 4. Can be recycled for future generations;
  5. 5.100% recycle, waterproof.

Tongue groove wall panelling

How To Install Tongue and Groove Walls

  1. 1.Fix horizontal furring strips around the perimeter of the area to be paneled.If the wall is uneven, Shim furring strips as required to get them in the plane, using wedges or offcuts of plywood;
  2. 2.Use an offcut of the board as a tapping block. Tap the board once or twice with a hammer to make a tight seal between the boards;
  3. 3.Eventually you will need to cut a board to fit the space into a corner. Measure the space and cut a board to slightly smaller than this;
  4. 4.Sometimes you need to cut a panel to fit around an item on the wall or to end a run. A wall may be uneven, so rather than measuring and cutting to fit a board against it, use the method shown below to get a neat fit.

Wholesale tongue & groove wall panels

We take pride in offering personalized attention. We sell the finest quality Tongue and groove paneling in the Midwest. Homestead Timbers wants to give your home that wow factor. Our tongue groove wall paneling adds beauty and warmth to any home and is used as a wall or ceiling covering. You also can custom tongue and groove wall paneling for walls and ceilings, tailored to the look & style you want. Qizhen will give you the best service and most economical products.

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