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WPC Decking(Solid Decking)

icon Home products WPC Decking(Solid Decking)
icon Home products WPC Decking(Solid Decking)
  • WPC Decking(Solid Decking)
  • WPC Decking(Solid Decking)
  • WPC Decking(Solid Decking)
  • WPC Decking(Solid Decking)

WPC Decking(Solid Decking)

Our Solid core composite decking boards have a greater strength and better sound absorption ,larger loads,widely used in garden,swimming pool, school, park, lawn, dock, balcony, playground, corridor,hotel, gloriette, gazebo, boardwalk,entertainment place, shopping center,laboratory, dance club, business hall etc.

Product Color Card

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We are professional wpc solid decking manufacturers&suppliers. Many colors and Model are available to choose from. And we offer free sample!

Wood plastic composite decking when used outdoors, because of its low water absorption. Non-perishable, easy to snake, cracking, color change is not obvious, easy to distort, no maintenance, will gradually replacing wood decing.

Wood plastic composite solid decking, a mixture of quality wood and a completely safe HDPE polymer. A new type of environmentally friendly and "maintenance free" materials ,Compared to wood WPC decking brings many advantages. You're done so you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor living space, rather than working on it.

WPC Decking Features

* Looks like natural wood
* Durable and firm due to it's high density
* High degree of UV and color stablity
* Easy to stall and low labor cost
* No painting, no glue, low cost on maintenance
* 100% recycled materials, environment protection
* Temperature durablity: -40℃--60℃


Landscape Works: Outdoor Decking,Garden Pavilion,Fences,Handrails, Doors, Windows, Home Decor.
Public Facilities: Flower Pots,Waste Bins, Lamppposts,Bus Station, Gazebo, Road Isolation Facilities,Highway Noise Barries.
Entertainment Facilities:Style, Ceilings,Tables and Chairs.
Decorative Facilities: Floor,Wall Decoration Panels, Interior Panels, Wall Panels, Stairs Board.
Logistics Facilities: Tray, Pad Warehouse,Packaging Equipment.

The wpc engineered vinyl flooring is composited by the lvt sheet with wpc core.

Materials Environmental Friendly Waterproof(Test : Submerged in a tank of water for over 2 days,WPC could be simply wiped dry with a cloth and ready for installtion) Stability Realistic Feeling
With 100% Virgin Material,Environmental Friendly,CE,DIBT,Floorscore qualified. The plank itself waterproof, and water can sit on the "fold & tap" seams and joints for 48 hours and remain competely unaffected. No need acclimation and is able to go from 12 degrees to 32 degrees without growing or shrinking due to changes in temperature. WPC with Cork or EVA offers better footsense, WPC fixes that issue with a bevel that makes it look even more realistic.
Vinyl Recycled Material&Virgin Material Optional. The plank itself waterproof. Take hours to properly acclimate the product before installation. Triditional vinyl is installed, the realism of the print gets lost on the ground.
Laminate Inefficient Environmental Friendly Inefficient waterproof. Climatize for 48 hours from 18-24 degree before installation.  -