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Wood Plastic Composite Decking Case in Brunei

Time: July 9, 2019
Country: Brunei
Product: WPC decking

On July 9, 2019, Marco customers sent an inquiry. The content of the inquiry is that 60 sq.m WPC decking is required for the swimming pool. When I followed up the customer's first email, I knew that the customer was the first to understand the product, and he didn't know the product very well. For such customers, the salesman may need to design a complete plan for the customer, and make appropriate choices for the customer.

Selection of WPC decking model  

The customer mentioned in the email that he wanted the best and most innovative product. I immediately recommended one of our floors for Marco customers at that time --- 140x23mm deep embossed And tell customer that this model has a very delicate design, the deep embossed design pattern on the surface will not only make the floor more beautiful after installation, but also enhance the waterproof and anti-slip function of the floor.After a detailed introduction, Marco chose our hot selling 140x23mm deep embossed .

Advise customer to increase the quantity of wpc decking

Because in the initial inquiry, the quantity required by the customer is only 60 sq.m. The quantity is relatively small. When following up on the customer's email, I roughly calculated all costs for the customer (Including freight, materials, packaging).

Tell the customer the cost of some details, a small quantity is not cost-effective, and you need to bear the corresponding open mold costs. After receiving my suggestion, Marco said that it would take a day to consider. On the second day, I followed up the customer's email again. The customer decided to increase the quantity to 110 sq.m in the evening of the same day.

Confirm the final price of the WPC decking

As the customer increases the corresponding quantity, the screws,Joists, and other accessories will also increase accordingly. Once again, a detailed quotation for the customer is arranged for Marco to make the final confirmation.

Port confirmation

After the final confirmation of the price of the product, the customer wants our goods to be arranged directly to his final destination, door-to-door transportation. Because of the door-to-door transportation method, its cost is very high compared to CIF or FOB. It is highly discouraged that customers choose a door-to-door shipping method. Confirm with customer that the nearest port is Brunei's "Muara harbour" port.

Confirmation of color and length

When recommending products to customers at that time, the color of the deck was 002, because the customer did not want to pay the shipping cost of the samples, and directly saw the original picture, so he chose 002 color.

Marco do not know what length of WPC they want, and are worried whether the price of the WPC will change due to the length of the WPC. After I informed the customer that the price would not change due to length, I also suggested that they choose a length of 2.9 meters, because 2.9 meters is easier to pack and transport. The length of the floor can be cut. When customer receives the floor, If the length is not satisfactory, the length can be changed.

Confirmation of packing data

The selected trade method required by the customer is CIF. After preliminary calculation, the detailed volume, weight and quantity of pieces will be informed to the customer. Marco need to pick up the cargo at the port.

Confirmation of contract

Quantity, model, color, length, and customer have been confirmed. Send the formal contract to the customer again and wait for the customer to payment the goods. The customer paid the payment the next day after the contract was confirmed.

The customer received the goods on August 25 and completed the WPC decking installation within one week. The customer was very satisfied with the effect after installation. Marco was a bit worried at first because he used WPC products for the first time, but after installation he found that there was no need to worry. He will also recommend our products to his friends.

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