Storage And Maintenance Decking Boards

Every buyer wants cheap decking boards based on good quality. But most of the buyers don't know the storage and maintenance decking board.If you want to know more information about storage and maintenance, first need to know the character of outdoor decking boards;because wood plastic composite decking board is the wood fiber and other natural fibers wrapped around a plastic. The advantage of water absorption rate is very low. It's suitable for landscape water's edge.

1. How to storage decking boards?

Storage method of decking boards. Through heating wood plastic decking boards can bend. And decking board can be moderate bending to a certain degree. So can long storage, but keep the flat ground, warping preventing.

2. How to maintenance decking boards?

In view of advantage of wood plastic composite, even in outdoor exposure to the weather, cheap decking boards will not be rot, fracture or crack. Has the ability to UV light, so WPC decking board not need special maintenance.This lets wood plastic composite products future management become very easy.
Cheap decking boards

Which equipment of produce WPC decking boards?

According to use WPC indoor and outdoor. According to the appearance of products of requirements for surface treatment needs and make a grainy colors products process is divided into: one step and two steps. One step to make products surface treatments needs. Two steps need to adjust the formula can be directly to make different kinds of wood grain color. The equipment of one step: blender mixer, crushing machine, the extrusion line of WPC, equipment of surface treatment. The equipment of two steps: blender mixer, crushing machine, WPC graining production lines. Specific equipment according to the product requirement is different, equipment configuration also has adjustment.

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