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WPC Outdoor Flooring Looks Like Wood

icon Home Blog WPC Outdoor Flooring Looks Like Wood
icon Home Blog WPC Outdoor Flooring Looks Like Wood

WPC Outdoor Flooring Looks Like Wood

Outdoor flooring has become the floor of choice for many homeowners in the past several years. There are many good reasons for this. Notably, it needs very little maintenance, it is incredibly durable, and it comes in a vast array of colors/styles. Since being introduced to China market, exterior flooring sales have seen a growth of up to twenty per cent per year.
The best outside flooring is wood plastic composite flooring. It's new type environmental protection and energy conservation composite materials. Wood substitute. Can be used for landscape(the bird's nest Olympic park is used in wood plastic composite flooring). Interior and exterior walls, floor, fence, pond, pavilion and pergola and other. Now rarely used in daily life is due to the promotion is not enough and the price problem.
Wood plastic floor

Weather Proof Material For Outdoor Flooring

The combination of outdoor flooring is wood plastic composite flooring,It can be of real wood floor friendly feeling,but also has good moisture-proof,waterproof, acid-proof water,acid-proof alkaline, antifungal, antistatic, moth and other properties,is the waterproof outdoor flooring series cooperation and composite flooring industry in a record. Wood plastic composite anticorrosive outdoor flooring is gradually entered the decoration, construction etc....Composite wood outdoor floor into the building materials industry development new direction of waterproof high environmental protection, composite wood plate, with many advantages of the plant fiber and plastic polymer material, can replace wood, can effectively alleviate the poverty of China's forest resources, timber supply shortage of contradictions, is a kind of future development of low-carbon, green, recycling of renewable ecological wood material.

Composite Wood Outside Flooring Options

Installing exterior flooring is much easier than installing hardwood floors. If you've got another type of flooring, this is the time to get rid of it. Pull up your old carpet and padding. Remove all of the tack strips around the room's perimeter. You may need to scrape the floor to get rid of any padding sticking to it. Vacuum it well. If there are any noticeable dips, level them out. On a concrete slab or another self-leveling compound may be skimmed on it. Shanghai Seven Trust is the best manufacture of outdoor flooring. We will supply you more details about the wood plastic exterior flooring installation.

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11 03-2013