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The Best WPC Materials-Wood Plastic Panel

icon Home Blog The Best WPC Materials-Wood Plastic Panel
icon Home Blog The Best WPC Materials-Wood Plastic Panel

The Best WPC Materials-Wood Plastic Panel

Many research organizations and institutes around the world, including the Forest Products Laboratory, have or are currently conducting research on wood-plastic composite that will provide even more durable and cost competitive composite decking, fencing panel, roofing and composite siding products for building construction and remodeling.
Based on the sum analyze of several complementary market projections, furniture and building materials dealers and specialists like A&E roofing contractor Westchester County NY believe that a sizable portion of this growth in both composite decking, fencing panel, roofing and composite siding will involve WPC materials based on low maintenance, decreased price differential with competing materials and continued research resulting in enhanced serviceability and performance. One of the biggest technical challenges in creating plastic-based building materials has been finding just the right mix of plastic, fibers, and additives. They need to resist the sun, retain their color and shape, and repel moisture-a tall order.
Tongue groove wall panelling

The shape of wood plastic panel, what size be used

Wood plastic panel be made plastic mould method. So it is the most common extrusion various section of the profile. With the project of injection moulding plastic injection molding method can be also made some specific shape. The size of wood plastic panel: Now the most common decking have 140x25mm,140x35mm,150x25mm and so on. Most post have 70x70mm, 90x90mm,120x120mm and many kinds of specification. Different manufacturers section size is different. There is no unified standard. Special shape and size can be made by a new mould. The length of the wood plastic panel can be arbitrarily long in theory.

Cold weather will affect composite plastic panel?

Even cold weather, the wood plastic panel still good. Because plastic wood components accounted for 50% so the wood plastic panel will be changed hard and brittle in cold weather. The lowest temperature reaches to -40℃.

Hot weather will affect wood plastic composite panel?

Appropriate span and head round, side to side of the void is to offset high temperature on the impact of wood plastic panel. When the temperature rises, the toughness of wood plastic panel will be increased. Also there will be a slight expansion.

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12 04-2013