Privacy Fencing Panels of Wood Plastic Composite

If you need about 5+ 6ft privacy fencing panels at your house and you not really sure how you could make use of them, you can use the boards for the inside walls... Any other uses. Wood plastic composite privacy fencing panels cannot be dented and withstand considerable impact. They do not need to be maintained other than a wash down every now and then. No painting, no rotting, no hail damage and are easily installed and a 50 year life spans.
privacy fencing panels

Main features of WPC (wood plastic composite) privacy fencing panels

  1. 1.Easy to install and clean
  2. 2. The look of wood but not timber problems
  3. 3. Moisture/Water resistant, proven under salt water condition
  4. 4. Weather resistant, suitable from -- 40oC to 60oC
  5. 5. Requires no painting, no glue, low maintenance
  6. 6. Barefoot friendly, anti-slip, no cracking, no warping
  7. 7. Termites and insects proof
  8. 8. Available in different colors
  9. 9. Environmentally friendly, saving forest resources

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