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Commercial vinyl flooring agriculture, forest product waste primary biomass fiber as basic materials. Filled with changed features using principles of chemical and plastic polymer interface by special technics, physical, chemical and biological engineering. A reversible cycle using multipurpose new materials processing molding. Professional name" WOOD BIOLOGICAL FIBER" Using low value or waste resources industrial development promotion is wood plastic composite of the big one characteristic and advantage.
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Why Choose Cheap Vinyl Floor Planks

The anti slip vinyl flooring tiles category continues to figure prominently in modern building materials. Enhanced visuals and embossing have allowed vinyl flooring to once again take their rightful place in homes and businesses. Vinyl flooring tiles are particularly well-suited to imperfect substrates, guaranteed to lay flat. Inexpensive vinyl plank flooring tiles, the fastest growing segment, are driven by new advances that stunningly simulate wood and stone looks.

China Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers

Qizhen Vinyl flooring tile product is the perfect choice for 21st century living. The evolution of today's flooring is the result of years of innovative research and development, and state-of-the-art product technology. As a leading vinyl wholesale flooring distributor, we're proud to introduce you to our cheap vinyl floor materials.

Development Direction of Domestic Cheap Vinyl Floor Covering

  1. Raw materials generalization, according to raw materials classification, cheap vinyl flooring products performance and use. Develop a universal applicability of vinyl floor standard.
  2. Professional equipment, As soon as possible to change the current used plastic equipment production situation. Improve and prefect of wood plastic composite of the production equipment. Make its professionalization, serialization, standardization.
  3. High-end products, with good processing properties of wood plastic composite as a basis, good production performance, fine workmanship, complex shape. Profile surface appearance and complete set of production.
  4. Research and development market, the needs of market performance characteristics, the price advantage of products. Composite waterproof vinyl flooring tiles are based on superior quality.
  5. The use of wide range. Make its generalization and be accepted by vast number of consumers.

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