How About WPC Materails life?

Wood plastic composite  incluing waste plastic,waste wood clip and old natural fiber.Of couse,If you have special need to also can be made new plastic, such as color or propeties have special requirement. Wpc materails is new type green and recycle materails.
WPC materails environmental meaning is multiple. On the one hand the consumption on the environment caused by the pollution of waste plastic and wood powder, on the other hand, because can effectively replace wood in outdoor use, thus largely save precious natural resources.Because do not contain any toxics components.So same treatment with other common construction .Will not cause any pollution to the enviroment. Can also be recycled recycling.

How about WPC materails life?

According to foreign book is introduced, Wpc life up to 25 years based on normal use conditions. Has also said that the 50 years. But this materails still less than 20 years.Therefore, these data are just estimates or speculate. But in the outdoor lift greatly higher than wood. This is for sure.
wpc materials

The Useful Composite matrials

WPC materials the kind of new substance to exchange wood fabric. It is also a type of completely new blend subject matter about synthesizing plant dust and plastics, thus WPC is see thousands itself with great things about plant dietary fibre and parts. Through most of these gains, the employment of WPC is really diverse that this just about goes over all the utilized fields, along the lines of wood, clear plastic, steel, lightweight aluminum and different spheres. In the mean time, wood plastic composite too handles any reuse situation connected with plastic material and wood waste material sources.

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