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The wood plastic composite board is a new composite materials. It's use polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC instead of Resin adhesive and the wood powder, rice husk, straw which takes a percent of more than 35%-70% to make the new wood materials. Then use some plastic machine technology which is extruded, mold pressing, injection mold and so on to produce the WPC boards.
The wood plastic composite board is mainly used in many lines, for example, building, furniture, and Logistical Packaging. As the main materials is waste edge wood powder, chips and slag wood. It has good stiffness and toughness, which can nail, drill, rub, saw, paint, and hard transformation, against chap.
As its good advantages, many people want to buy wood plastic composite board instead of the wood board. But they also prefer to low price. Shanghai Seven Trust Industry Co., Ltd is specialized in selling the wood plastic composite board in good quality and cheap price. It's supply different thickness and colors which can meet almost customers.
wood plastic composite board

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