Why Choose Composite Wood Wall Panel For Your House

Now more estate business like to use wood plastic composite wall panel, because it will make his building more good seller! The house is very picky. They pay attention to quality and beautiful. And composite wood wall panel make building has these advantages, it is in the wood plastic composite production of a kind of environmental protection product, in lumber of shortage of the modern society is certainly is a very worthwhile use of the material! It actually is better than real wood, on the contrary, it is more superior and real wood material. So choose composite wood wall panel is very good, we recommend you use our company's wood plastic composite production of WPC products!
Wood plastic composite wall panel is manufactured from a combination of plastic, natural fiber and some additives using special equipment. It mixes natural fiber and plastic perfectly to keep the natural impression of wood but with rich colors of plastic. Wood plastic composite exterior wall cladding has gradually replaced wood and plastic, getting widely used in more and more fields.
wood plastic composite wall board

WPC wall panel Performance:

Comparing to wood, plastic and other composite products, WPC deck and railing products have the following feature:
Elegant natural wood grain texture and touch, with wood scent
Elegant and detailed shape design
No cracking, warping, and splitting
Water and moisture, acid, base and pest resistance
Environmentally friendly and no other hazardous chemical
Safe to use for many years
Low maintenance and no painting
Carpenter oriented and friendly easy installation
Structural product available
Uv resistance, Durable
Dimension stability against moisture and temperate

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