Why Choose Ecological Wood?

Ecological wood has the feature of stability almost similar like ceramic tile at outside.At the same time,nearly 70& wood flour composition make it has the wood natural sense perfectly.
ecological wood
Ecological wood is composite by wood fiber,resin and few high polymer materials and produced by extrusion.It has the same outlooks as nature wood,and also has the features of water-resistance,worm-resistance,corrosion-resistance and keep warm and so on.Beside,it also has very strong weather fastness,ageing resistance and UV protection because it added light&hot stabilizer,the modifier of UV protection and low-temperature impact resistance.,so can be used in very severe environment and will not go bad,mildew,crazes or anything else.
The ecological wood produce by Seven Trust Industry Co.,Ltd is not only can satisfy your request about the high quality,but also has many colors and grain types to meet customers request.

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