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what Is Wood Plastic Composite Siding

The "buckling" of wood plastic composite siding-when the decking literary pulls away from the subfloor, lifting up to several inches in one or more places-is one of the most extreme reactions to moisture that can occur. Fortunately, it is not a common occurrence.
Buckling happens most often after a wood plastic composite siding is flooded for a time, but there are numerous other causes. On nailed wood plastic composite siding, insufficient nailing, incorrect nails or incorrect subfloor construction are possibilities. On glue-down wood plastic composite sidings, the causes range from the use of incorrect or insufficient mastics to an inadequate mastic transfer, a subfloor separation or a subfloor contamination. See Moisture Detection Equipment.
wood plastic composite siding
In flooded hardwood strip wood plastic composite siding, the swelling stress is theoretically high enough to push out walls. However, before that can happen the nails or the glue holding the flooring to the subfloor wil1 usually give way, so that the wood plastic composite siding bulges upward.
If buckling wood plastic composite siding are caught early, spot repair and replacement may be possible. Once the standing water is removed, several boards may be taken up from the wood plastic composite siding, so that air can be circulated across and below the floor more effectively. Once the wood plastic composite siding has dried to a more stable moisture level, repairs can usually be made.

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