Plastic Wood Composite Production Process Knowledge

Wood plastic composite materials can add some artificial zeolite. This kind of aluminum silicate molecular capture powder can absorb the smell in the material. Through powder in bulk crystallization hollow, adsorbent can capture the smell of small organic molecules. Molecular capture adsorbent has been successfully applied in polyolefin tube extrusion, injection and extrusion blow molding containers, isolated from the packing material, packing and sealing material extrusion. Molecular adsorbent powder can also be used as a desiccant into plastic to remove the moisture.

WPC Product Production Processing Machinery

Before processing and shaping plastic wood composite must carry on drying process.General requirements after the moisture content below 1 ~ 2%. Now plastic wood composite production processing machinery must have feeding equipment, drying equipment, extruding equipment, briquetting equipment. There is some necessary downstream equipment. Such as cooling water tank, traction equipment and cutting equipment and so on.

How Is Recycled plastic Turned into Plastic Wood

WPC plastic wood composite is a new material used for a number of outdoor applications such as decking material, landscaping lumber and outdoor furniture. WPC plastic wood is often made from recycled plastic, which makes it an efficient use of petroleum-based material, as well as being a durable product. Good quality composites look remarkably like real wood.

The Main Purpose of The WPC Materials

At present, plastic wood composite decking is mainly used for outside, such as an outside terrace. Yard, patio and garden, Municipal Square, Park road etc. It has waterproof, anticorrosion,non-slip characteristics.

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