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This is the outdoor garden decoration products of breakthrough. It is not easy to rotten wood natural defect. Have mildewproof, corrosion resistance, waterproof,no cracking and other effects?Durable in use, at the same time also avoids the harm the people healthy the harmful gas such as formaldehyde production. Most people, if they want to enjoy their garden, or exterior of their home, they will often consider constructing a garden deck in a chosen location. Having a garden deck will not only allow you to enjoy the garden area of your house, but it will also extend the living area of your home to the outside, making your home seem bigger and allowing you to enjoy your garden.
Garden Decking
Wood plastic composite garden decking meet people's needs. Variety of WPC decking designs are various, according to the actual situation can separate design, because of the particularity of also has a slightly elastic and delicate touch, can avoid the toddler children knock touch damage and frail elderly out of trouble. Not only give us aesthetic enjoyment can also give us the satisfaction of a sense of security.

Specification of Commonly used WPC Garden Decking

Wood composite garden decking have many different sizes. The popular and beautiful size:150x25mm hollow and solid decking, 140x23 manholes and solid decking, 150x22mm decking,146x30 hollow and solid decking and so on. The length can do it per buyer requirement. Various colors can be chose as buyer like.

Qizhen Composite Garden Decking Products

Shanghai seven trust company supply different kinds of outdoor decking,such as pedestrian deck, deck, leisure square park deck, private villa deck,garden decking... Our one of the best WPC products case is Shanghai EXPO 2010, recycle and lower carbon, our products meet the theme of Shanghai EXPO" better city, better life" So it has been widely used for outdoor and garden deck.

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