Composite Plastic Wood Planks VS Wood Products

Composite plastic wood planks are new type building materials, Has the general characteristics of wood products, also similar performance with wood planks? Which one are the best plank materials? Wood plastic composite product is only 0.2%, water resistance, not easy mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-moth, chemical stability, high hardness. Here introduce some difference of these two materials:

  1. composite outsite decking1.Composite plastic wood planks belong to the environmental protection of the highest grade. Recycling. Keep the forest. Eco-friendly. But wood planks haven't this advantage;
  2. 2.WPC planks can will a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness and needs, which also include a variety of design, color and wood grain finished, giving customers more choices;
  3. 3..Composite planks without any radiation, but ceramic tile has radiation, even more than 10 years radiation;
  4. 4.Composite planks need low maintenance, grooved for hidden fastener,easy assembled,easy cleaning;
  5. 5. Installation, easy installation of plastic wood planks.Don't need more professional technology, but high costs installation of wood planks;
  6. 6.The feeling of foot, gives a person has a warm feeling of plastic wood planks. Bart cold feeling with wood plank.

The Development Of Composite Plastic Wood Planks

Recently, Report of ENGLAND market information consulting company shows the end of 2013, WPC planks will be increased 20% than before, the most increase of building house and indoor decking. Outdoor plank will still in the international market in the wood and plastic composite materials application of raw lead position.

Seven Trust WPC Plank Plank Products China

Seven Trust WPC plank is not only a green product you can feel good about using, but it is one that will stand the test of time. Our wood plastic composite product comes with a 15-year limited warranty, which protects this recycled composite decking material against rotting and decay. If you're convinced our WPC products are the best plank products for your home, contact us to locate the dealer nearest you and get the custom-built WPC product of your dreams.

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