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What Is Wood Plastic Composite Lumber

icon Home Blog What Is Wood Plastic Composite Lumber
icon Home Blog What Is Wood Plastic Composite Lumber

What Is Wood Plastic Composite Lumber

Average consumers hear wood floor decoration, is generally thought of solid wood flooring. Yes, solid flooring high environmental performance be loved by many people.But solid floor needs maintenance to ensure that its life and quality. So the market appears new type wood plastic composite materials- wood plastic composite lumber.As new environmental protection ecological wood products. Little later repair and maintenance trouble, and the installation is very convenient.

Seven Trust Composite Lumber

Wood plastic composite lumber is new decoration materials in domestic. But in foreign countries have been popular for many years. It's wood fiber and PE powder as main materials, though special processing technology for synthesis of a wood plastic composite lumber. It can be partly replace wood, plastic, stain steel, in some use enviroment have more advantages ,is widely used in building, garden landscape and engineering decoration etc. At present more popular area garden project and marine project, flooring, wall panel decoration, doors and windows.
wood plastic composite lumber
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04 02-2013