Shanghai Seven Trust Composite Sheets

China wood plastic composite sheets research began in the 1990 s, than the foreign R & D wood plastic composite sheets for nearly 20 years later. Since the later 90's, with the European and American developed countries to restrict Chinese wood packaging, R&D and technical transformation of domestic wood plastic materials has entered a rapid development period. The beginning of this century, the domestic wood industry gradually into shape.
The 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be the most eye-catching is the China Pavilion, the shape of the ancient cap"was the crown of the EAST" red, is around a large mahogany floor. These floors are wood texture, also have wood grain, but the fact that the floor is not made of wood, new environmental protection materials but this is called the wood plastic composite sheets.
Shanghai seven trust industry co., Ltd. Produce various wood plastic composite sheets.
Such as WPC decking, WPC wall panels, WPC fencing and railing and landscape ETC.Composite Sheets

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