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Home Photos Plastic Lumber Decking
Home Photos Plastic Lumber Decking

Plastic Lumber Decking

Although wood is still the preferred decking material, but plastic lumber decking are growing in popularity and now account for about 20% of the market. Tangent is proud to introduce Seven Trust plastic lumber decking, made from 100% recycled wood plastics. We’ve combined our expertise in material characteristics and co-extruding technology to introduce a unique deck and dock planking for the residential and private commercial market.
Plastic Lumber Decking

Benefits of plastic lumber decking

Strong and practical – 2X6 boards allow true 24″ on-center spans to replace wood decking for residential applications. Also available in 5/4 board for 16″ on center.

Safe Free – Plastic lumber is also resistant to the elements and you’ll never have to worry about insect damage.

Quick Install – No pre-drilling needed for fasteners. Work with Seven Trust like any other natural wood product. No special tools are needed.

Lasts a lifetime – and it’s protected under Seven Trust’s limited 20-Year Warranty.

Minimal maintenance – never needs waterproofing, painting, staining or other recurring maintenance.

Environmentally friendly – made from 100% post-consumer recycled wood plastics, like those found in milk bottles. In a green building project, Seven Trust’s high percentage of recycled material can contribute significantly to earn points for certification.

Maintenance of plastic lumber decking

Decks of composite materials and plastic lumber are much lower maintenance than untreated wood decks. Usually, all you have to do is clean the deck once or twice a year with a deck cleaner and a bristle brush, scrubbing in the direction of the grain, followed by a rinse. Test the cleaner you plan to use a small section of a deck first to be sure it doesn’t discolor or damage the surface. Products like paint, stain or sealers aren’t needed, reducing costs and saving labor. Some other precautions that are suggested for plastic lumber decking:

Keep the deck clean and dry.

Ensure adequate ventilation under and between decking boards.

Don’t let downspouts or dryer vents discharge directly on the deck.

Clean your deck after a major pollen discharge.

Avoid fertilizer and other chemicals overspread.

Basic Uses of plastic lumber

Plastic lumber can be cut with a regular saw, routed, drilled, nailed and screwed. It comes in a variety of sizes comparable to regular wood. The fact that it’s made of plastic means it’s built to last, doesn’t rot or splinter, is slip resistant especially when wet, non-toxic and very economically priced.

Available in a variety of colours eliminating the need for painting, staining or the use of additional preservatives. Plastic lumber decking can be used for various building projects including benches, decks, docks, fences, planter boxes, picnic tables, landscaping and boardwalks.

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