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Wpc Product Introduction

Home Photos Hollow Core Composite Decking
Home Photos Hollow Core Composite Decking

Hollow Core Composite Decking

Wood plastic composite(WPC) Hollow floor core slabs are the most widely used type of precast flooring. This success is due to the highly efficient design and production methods, choice of unit depth and capacity, smooth underside and structural efficiency. The hollow core slabs are manufactured on long-line beds according to the customer’s placed layout of the slabs with the indicated holes. The slabs are cut to length using a circular saw. A square end is standard but skew or cranked ends, which are necessary in a non-rectangular framing plan, may be specified. Longitudinal cutting is possible for match plates. All the products are approved of the Certification Centre of Construction products in China.
Hollow Core Composite Decking

Installation Hollow Decking Floor

Composite hollow floor do not always equal a bad installation or a problem to deal with in the future. Small areas of hollow sound reflection, with tapping of the floor, may be as simple as small area glue voids or slight imperfections in the floor surface. These small areas will not take away from the performance of the wood flooring as they seldom allow movement. Movement, in the flooring industry, is referred to as deflection.

Composite hollow floor in wood flooring are directly related to the flatness of the sub-floor the flooring is adhered to. Should the installer not perform his duties to bring the slab surface to a specified flatness condition of the manufacturer, composite hollow floor and movement of the wood flooring will result in poor performance of the new floor.

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12 07-2012