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Wpc Product Introduction

Home Photos Ecological Composite Wood
Home Photos Ecological Composite Wood

Ecological Composite Wood

Ecological composite wood(Wood Plastic Composite), just a different name, like wood, lumber is wood a reason. But now the market is more PVC foamed wood-plastic known as eco-wood, which is an incorrect ideas and knowledge. Ecological wood, green wood, wood KET, and so on all kinds of wood are wood-plastic products a brand name, the name similar to the market the same thing brand fills, such as the same are the sports shoes, Adidas, Nike , 360 °, special steps, and so on, But these wood and plastic brand quality but no sports shoes brand quality that the audience people favor it.

Strength Of Ecological Composite Wood

Ecological Composite Wood
Unlike wood, composites cannot be used for structural components because they lack tensile strength, meaning that they bend easily. The warranty for a composite deck can range from 10 to 25 years, but a deck will last only as long as its weakest component, and the deck frame likely will fail before the decking does. On the other hand, there now is a structurally rated plastic wood product.

Advantages Of Ecological Composite Wood

Environmental friendly and no other hazard chemical
Safe to use for 25 years
Low maintenance and Never needs painting, but also can be painted
Carpenter oriented and friendly easy installation and Quick to install saving on labour costs
Light weight,Easy to Cut to Length and Install.
waterproof,Moisture-Proof,diversified pattern.
easy to clean,heat insulation and sound insulation.

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10 02-2017