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Home Photos Eco-friendly Composite Balcony Deck Material
Home Photos Eco-friendly Composite Balcony Deck Material

Eco-friendly Composite Balcony Deck Material

If you are looking for an alternative balcony deck material, we highly recommend Eco-friendly materials Wood Plastic Composite products because of several reasons which include low cost, extreme durability, doesn’t rot or split, non-toxic, high strength and can be worked upon just like wood.

Eco-friendly Materials -Composite Decking

Building an waterproof balcony deck with deck tiles is one of the smartest decisions you can make with a waterproof surface. Decking tiles were designed to be used over this type of surface.We’re often asked about how to make an waterproof balcony deck. the situation where you have conventional wood deck extending above a paved or concrete area below and you want keep the area below dry.

Eco-friendly Composite Balcony Deck Material
The waterproof balcony deck tiles can be laid in any pattern and still allow water to flow underneath. Although primarily built to cover concrete surfaces, including roof tops, patios and balconies, the tiles can be laid directly on the ground for temporary or permanent yard patios. Eco-friendly Wood Plastic Composite balcony deck materials are water and weather proof, light weight and more durable than wood.

Composite balcony deck tiles have been designed with these waterproof surfaces in mind. The base of each composite balcony deck tile is designed not to damage the waterproof surface. Instead it does just the opposite, it protects it. Composite decking tiles give protection to the waterproof surface in two ways.
1. protects the surface from physical damage and blunt impact from patio furniture.
2. Composite decking tiles protect the waterproof membrane from UV exposure and harsh weather which can break down the surface over time. Check out some of these before and after projects.

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12 07-2012