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Wpc Product Introduction

Home Photos Composite Wood Terrace Deck
Home Photos Composite Wood Terrace Deck

Composite Wood Terrace Deck

Wood plastic composite terrace deck is a fairly new technology that combines recycled wood and plastic to form a durable, more resilient decking surface. This recycling makes it a good environmental choice, as the wood that goes into its construction is the waste from other wood products. One concern with it is that it varies greatly in quality so it is very important you take the time to check with suppliers and contractors to find those brands with the best reputation

Composite Wood Terrace Deck
Low Maintenance Deck
Composite terrace deck is not as strong as traditional wood which is why composite wood decks are still dependent on using a wood base to keep it structurally sound. Composite wood can sag or droop without the use of wood to hold it up.Wood decking can need a lot of maintenance. Constantly having to paint and waterproof a wooden deck can become very tedious, not to mention the fact that wood can become warped over time and need to be replaced. The makers of composite wood decking say that you no longer have to go through all this work to keep your deck looking nice.

A great advantage of composite decking is its resistance to insects or rotting. It never needs to be sanded, stained, or waterproofed, and most composite wood decking companies offer long term warranties. Composite terrace deck offers the aesthetically pleasing benefit of decking without the necessity of costly and timely maintenance.

Feature Of Composite Terrace Deck:
1. Looks and feel like nature wood
2. Durable, anti-impact, wearproof with high density
3. High capacity of UV-resistence, and color stabilility
4. Highly resistent to moisture and ternites
5. No paining, no glue
6. 100% recycled, eco friendly
7. Barefoot friendly, anti-slip, no cracking
8. Low cost maintenance
9. Weather resistant, suitable from-40 to 60

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16 07-2012