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Wpc Product Introduction

Home Photos Composite Lumber Product
Home Photos Composite Lumber Product

Composite Lumber Product

Composite lumber product, as the name implies, is a combination of wood and plastic, both to maintain the affinity feeling of the wood floor, but also has good moisture-proof water-resistant, acid and alkali, antifungal, anti-static, anti-moth performance is wood plastic floor series with wood floor cooperation is another first of its kind. The use of wood chips, straw, waste plastics, waste production of a series of wood-plastic composite materials is gradually entering the renovation, construction and other fields. Wood-plastic flooring to high environmental building materials industry in the development of a new direction for waterproof moisture.

Best Composite Materials

Ecological Composite Wood
Composite lumber product is a tough, durable, maintenance free alternative to timber, offering a life span many times that of wood without the need for treatment. This means whole life costs are significantly reduced as maintenance and replacement costs are removed. Therefore as well as being environmentally friendly (made from 100% recycled post-industrial plastic, diverted from landfill) composite lumber product offers significant commercial and technical benefits over traditional solutions.

Designed to replace traditional construction materials, composite lumber products are impervious to water and allow for the easy and quick construction of fences, revetments, boardwalks, steps and pontoons, to name but a few applications, and are the ideal material for areas subject to flooding or standing water.

Cost Of Composite Lumber Products

Plastic lumber costs quite a bit more than wood decking. It’s impossible to provide an average cost as each project varies in scale, geographic location and level of detail. Keep in mind that you will recoup a large portion of these upfront costs since plastic deck lumber is so low-maintenance compared to wood and will have a longer lifetime. As plastic lumber products become more popular, the cost will likely drop.

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