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Wpc Product Introduction

Home Photos Affordable Engineered wood flooring
Home Photos Affordable Engineered wood flooring

Affordable Engineered wood flooring

Wood plastic composite flooring is an excellent alternative to other types of wood flooring. Thanks to its composition, engineered wood flooring is very hardwearing and resistant to changes of temperature. This makes it possible to use engineered wood flooring in conjunction with underfloor heating systems.It mixes natural fiber and plastic perfectly to keep the natural impression of wood but with rich colors of plastic.Engineered Wood Flooring serves as a much more material than  real wood flooring.
Affordable Engineered wood flooring

Realize Engineered wood flooring

Let’s get into the advantages of selecting an Engineered wood flooring. First you can install the floor just about anytime after your home is in the dry and wait to finish the floor once everything else is completed. Second you can choose the stain and combination of stains you wish to apply to your floor, or conversely you can leave the natural wood and just finish the floor out. The dimensional stability you gain from engineered flooring is well worth it. flooring undergoes more expansion and contraction than engineered flooring of the same width. Also with our engineered product the bottom ply is the same wood species as the top veneer adding even more dimensional stability to the Engineered wood flooring itself. Check out our line of engineered Engineered wood flooring products below, which are grouped by wood species.

Advantages of Engineered wood flooring

High intensity, difficult to discolor;
Easy to install, maintenance, and clean;
Environmental and healthy;
Vivid surface patterns, which looks more elegant and style;

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11 07-2012