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Wpc Product Introduction

Home Blog How to install WPC decking
Home Blog How to install WPC decking

How to install WPC decking

How to install the decking : Here is the steps .
First ,drill a hole on the ground ,Second ,beat the plastic expansion tube into the hole, Third ,drill a hole on the joist first ,then fasten the joist on the ground by screw ,Fouth ,Fasten the joist first ,put the decking board on the joist .
And then drill a hole through decking board and joist ,fasten the decking board and joist by screw .The stainless steel fasterner is using for locking two decking board lock one side of the decking board first , Then fasten the stainless steel fasterner and joist by screw ,lock another decking board ,make sure the two board are locked tightly ,then install the board one by one as per the above method .At last ,fasten the side cover all around as per following step then finished .
How to install the decking

Important points for installation

1. Slight color and surface differences may occur due to slight differences in raw materials or surface treatment. This ensures your decking will have a natural appearance
2. It is advisable to place the terrace sections in the required installation site for 72 hours before you start install to acclimatize them. Don’t install the terrace sections if the temperature is blow 0℃
3. We advise you to use original accessories and parts from WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE OUTDOOR DECK, must be a space of at least 25mm between the ground and the substructure. In case of insufficient ventilation any guarantee will be invalidated. Direct Contact between the terrace section and the grass or ground must be avoided at all costs.
4. Variations in temperature and moisture uptake will result in expansion (about 0.3% to 0.5%) of the sufficient distance expansion between the terrace sections, all around the terrace and by walls, fences ad trees.
5. A strong and compacted base such as concrete , gravel ,grit or something similar is necessary
6. Before you start ensure there is a level base and remove all weeds. To prevent weeds growing, we advise laying root-stop fabric under the structure. Make sure the ground base is clean, dry, stable, solid and smooth – a slope of 2% will provide the correct water drainage.
7. WPC product is not suitable for closed and wet places without air ventilation and/or environment with significant difference temperature change (such as sauna room).
8. The method of installation is very important to the product; wrong installation may cause less durability or some damages of the products. Check the material before installation. Report all damages and defects to the vendor before installation. Start of installation means the appearance and standards have been approved by the client. Trust a professional installer with the installation. It is suggested that more than two people working together during installing the terrace. WPC decking should not be used for columns, beams, joists, support posts or other loading bearing

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20 08-2014